Penguin and Tiny Shrimp Don’t Do Bedtime!

Up with Books! Down with Bedtime!

Perfect for fans of Goodnight Already —this colorful, witty, illustrated debut picture book features no stories of soft beds, or cozy covers. Instead the characters adventure through fireworks and shark-infested waters, all the while determined not to do BEDTIME! With award-winning illustrator Charles Santoso’s vibrant drawings, the book is surely to become a YES bedtime read for kids and parents.


* A Junior Library Guild Spring Selection 2018

“A definite do for bedtime.” —Kirkus Reviews

“A beguiling pair…much yawning will ensue…and that’s a good thing.” —Booklist

“Debut Berry revs up her romp… the digital art from Santoso (Peanut Butter & Aliens)—highlighted by comical images of the wide-eyed, open-mouthed title characters—energizes Berry’s tactically understated text, often wryly turning it on its head. A buoyantly subversive antibedtime tale.” —Publisher’s Weekly Featured Review