School Visits



I am booking school visits for the 2024-25 calendar year now. Join me for a super interactive presentation on humor and self acceptance, featuring my new book, SCORCH HEDGEHOG OF DOOM! Scorch is the fiercest, deadliest, more ferocious class pet in the history of time! If only she weren’t so ADORABLE to all the kids.


Let’s have a blast learning how Scorch finds her true self through humor, wit and determination!

My sample school visit includes: 

  • A super silly author intro including my background from a super secret location!
  • A little about how I became an author (hint: I followed my curiosity and you can too)
  • READ ALOUD with costumes, voices and general shenanigans
  • We make an interactive story together adding Cate’s super secret ingredient for making  funny stories (Psst! Kids can only share with other readers!)
  • We end with a huge SING-A-LONG!
  • Author questions if there is time and interest!

*For availability and rates email Cate directly


I love readers!