STAR: Stay True and Real Writing Workshop for Young People

What young people want right now is connection. A place to vent, laugh, share and consider what’s going on in the world. Join author Cate Berry as she leads small boutique workshops for young people where they can discover cool things about themselves through writing each week. Cate chooses writing prompts, exercises, doodles and other cool endeavors from her heroes: Lynda Barry, Abigail Thomas, CB Goodman, and others, as a way of claiming our unique voices, as our birthrights.


4th/5th graders: Thursdays 4:00-6:00 PM 

6th/7th graders: Thursdays 6:30-8:30 PM

8th/9th graders: Sundays 4:00-6:00 PM

Workshops starting the week of 9/7 for four consecutive weeks


*note this class will continue monthly

minimum: 6 students/maximum: 8 students

To register, email: or visit contact page on website


Improve Your Craft From Home with this Webinar!

SCBWI Austin Chapter

Humor 101: Making Humorous Stories Irresistible for Kids
with author Cate Berry

Webinar: Sept. 15, 7pm to 8:30pm Central time

Cate Berry | Photo by Diem Korsgaard

Cate Berry | Photo by Diem Korsgaard

One thing that always sells, will always be on trend, and will always delight, is a funny picture book. Given the nature of our current climate and the dearth of serious news, it’s worth spending some time with comedy, for your health and your heart. In this webinar, author Cate Berry, shows us what makes something funny, how to identify the craft elements within great humorous picture books, and finally, she will share some tricks of the trade to plug into your own comedic manuscripts.

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Private Mentorships and Critiques:

Come study with me privately! This is my favorite way to work with students. I’d love to talk with you about your goals, passions and challenges on your writing journey so far. Each student will discuss and develop an individualized monthly plan of study with a three month commitment. Hard working and dedicated students wishing to take their work to the next level are encouraged apply. Email me directly for pricing.

Each month will include [this is a general guideline, can be adjusted for each student]:

  • Rigorous reading and analysis of picture books with comments and feedback
  • Daily exercises based on the individuals needs per Cate’s assessment
  • 3-4 new or revised Picture Books for critique
  • Individual student study TBD after first consultation
  • Monthly phone call

Individual Critiques:

If you’re looking for help on a particular manuscript, I offer individual one time critiques for $150-$200 depending on length and follow up. I adore helping others with their stories at any stage of the process. Email me directly through my contact page for the fastest response.